We are the only Ozone kite center in Egypt! www.flyozone.com

Ozone kites is a dedicated company. They are making all kind of flying things like paragliders, foil, and inflatable kites. They are one of a few companies really investing money into research and testing of their products. They are the only kite brand has its own sewing factory with perfect quality control. You can be 100% sure that your new kite is ready to fly when you open a package )

All our guests and students can always order own Ozone kite with us at good rates!

Choose the model you want. Choose the color. And send us an Email at info@playkite.com for price inquiry.

Kites for teaching kids Ozone UNO

Kites for beginners Ozone Catalyst

All-round kite Ozone Enduro

Wave kite Ozone REO

Freestyle Ozone C4

Racing and high flying kite Ozone Edge

Low wind kite Ozone Zephyr

We renew our school kites every year.



We use boards of a Russian manufacture M-DAY. www.m-day.ru These boards are made by a talented and successful Russian shaper Mikhail Andryukov, so each board contains a bit of the creator's soul. They are high-quality, durable, 100% wood core boards with great hydrodynamic characteristics. You will love them!