What February looks like in Hurghada

2020-01-04 17:24

This month is cooler than an average in Hurghada. Form of clothing: on water - wetsuits 5-3mm plus thin neoprene hoodie, on the shore - sweatshirts or jackets with a hood. The water temperature in the Red Sea does not drop below 22, but the breeze is cool. Especially in the morning. All the pictures are made in February 2019.

playkite villa

It can blow to any size. IF you get here for a couple of weeks, be sure to take the eight with you. It can be useful.

people staring at kiters


It can be stormy. 


looping with c4


Good time for megalooping


looping with 8

lirik riding his new sail


Egyptian winter is like the northern europe summer.

jenya flying on the way


Good chances to ride completely flat water on offshore winds.

inside splashes


Good chances to set your personal Woo record.


boris is crazy high 2


In February, even Shaka becomes more humanoid.


black cat walking


More people coming by the end of the month.


an action in the lagoon


Maximum traffic - 20 kites per 2 square kilometers.


a champion


Everyone usually crowds right in front of the launch / landing area.


radio controlled beginners


Winter kite training doubles.


serega on fire


February can be warm even on a windy day.


squinting kirill


No one can jump higher than Vasiliy. Do not even try! 


vasiliy dominating in the sky4


Though, you can crash as hard as you want ) 


volodya crashing with some splash


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