NEW in 2018!!!

For kite rental prices, we only count windy days!


Kiteloop personal training
Radio controlled, step by step, kiteloop dedicated training from a PRO megalooper.
1 hour - 39 euro You need to be able to land basic jumps.

-10% discount for newly-married couples!

-15% discount for families - father, mother and kid 

VIP Storage
You will recieve some extra services, like: our beachboys will disconnect lines after you finnish your kite session, pack your kite when you are tired and put it into your box, wash and pack your kites when you are leaving home.
1 week - 65 usd
2 weeks - 110 usd
1 month - 180 usd

We accept cash in Euro, US Dollars, Egyptian pounds. Visa and Mastercard.


1 hour group lessons (1 instructor - 2 beginners)

If you need to correct your stance, learn how to go upwind, learn how to turn, or even learn a new trick, this option is for you. Includes all the equipment. 1 hour private kite lesson avaliable with extra 30% to the price.

39 euro

"Office beginner" - Complete kite course for non sportive people (2 beginners, 1 instructor) -10 hours lessons with kite instructor including all the necessary equipment. 

For not really sportive beginners without any kite experience. The duration is 5-6 days.

Two hours per day. You have the possibility to use the school equipment after the lessons, during days of lessons. This kite course available privately with extra 30% to the price.



339 euro

"Sportive beginners" - Complete kite course for sportive people (2 beginners, 1 instructor) - 6 hours lessons with kite instructor including all the necessary equipment. 

For a sportive beginner with experience in wakeboarding, snowboarding, skating or windsurfing. You have an idea of how to control the board, now you need to learn how to control the kite. This kite course available privately with extra 30% to the price.

229 euro

"Gone with the wind" 5 days full set rental + 2 hours private lessons + 7 hours beginner lift. 

You already know how to start, but always going downwind. The instructor will help you to solve this problem, and a special kite "Lifter" will help you to get upwind during your rental time, saving your power and time for the real action.Two hours of lessons can be split into four half an hour training sessions.

389 euro

VIP course. Ulimited time with private kite instructor and unlimited rental time for 7 windy days. 

699 euro

All our beginners get 50% discount on kite rental during their vacations in Egypt after the 10h course. 

Kite RENTAL (Ozone
1 session - 2 hours -full set 49 euro
1 day, from 9.00 till 17.00 - full set 69 euro
4 days full set 219 euro
7 days full set 299 euro
10 days full set 389 euro
14 days full set 449 euro
We refresh our gear yearly!
You pay only for windy days!

- Kite only rental - 20% discount from rental prices
- Board only rental - 60% discount from rental prices

Go PRO hero rental - 35 euro 1 day

Insurance 35 euro - 1 week  

Kite storage and beach use (free for our beginners)

- 10 euro - 1 day
- 50 euro - 1 week
- 90 euro - 2 weeks
- 150 euro - 1 month

IKO level certification card - 30 euro (free for 10h "Office beginner" courses)